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* SHIPPING: Post Office and UPS base their shipping costs on weight and distance.

I've included the weight of EACH Soothie for you in case you want to know what your package will weigh. Remember to multiply that weight by the number of Soothies you order in each size. (i.e. if you order 4 Medium, the weight would be 4 pounds, plus 2 Jumbo, the weight would be 6 pounds. Your total package weight would be 10 pounds.) Then I have to add the distance to be shipped based on from my Zip Code to your Zip Code. Both USPS and UPS automatically calculate this when I enter the two Zip Codes and weight and that will give me your shipping cost.

Most Soothie products do not fit in the Flat Rate Shipping boxes. A lot of times a regular box with 2-3 Priority Mail is less expensive than the Flat Rate. You can rest assured I always do my best to find the least expensive way to ship. Smilie Face

How to Place Your Order

To place your Order for the Soothies you would like, please follow the example below so I know exactly what you would like. Please be sure to put at least 4 spaces between each section when entering your Order; otherwise when I receive your Order, it will all run together. The EXAMPLE below shows the separation.

1. Enter only ONE item PER LINE in the "Order Details" box below. Be sure to fill in EACH of the spaces in each line.

2. If any LETTERS appear BEFORE the Fabric's Name, make sure you include those letters along with the FABRIC NAME . With over 200 bolts of fabric without both these Identifier Codes and Fabric Names, it would be very difficult for me to find the fabric(s) you order. So take your time and double check what you entered to make certain it matches what is listed under the fabric swatch(s) that you have chosen. When you are shopping for your fabric, just have a pen and paper with you to jot down the information then when you get to the Order Details box you can simply enter your choices from your notes.

3. Use the following format for EACH line:
Soothie Style - Letter - Color - Fabric Name - Quantity
Remember to put at least 4 spaces between each heading information as shown in the Example.

Here's What Happens Next

When you Click the "Email Order" button above, a pre-addressed E-Mail addressed to Rocky Mountain Soothies will open on your computer screen, with your Order information inserted all ready to be sent to me. All you need to do is CLICK on Your E-Mail "Send" Button. That's it! Your Order is instantly placed with us. Pretty cool, huh!!! Should I have a question about your order, I will give you a call.

Drawings Are Fun !!!

Any purchase, or purchases, you have made, or will make, between January 3 and July 3 of the current year, and between July 3 (current year) and January 3 of the next year, will automatically enter your name into a drawing from all entries from the previous 6 month period.

We have 2 drawings per year. The first is held on January 3 (current year) from all entries from July 3 (current year), through January 3, next year. The second drawing will be held on July 3 (current year) from all entries from January 3 (current year) through July 3 (current year). Once each drawing is held, all entries are discarded and we begin collecting new entries again for the next drawing period.

Winners names will be posted in the "Corner" on January 5 (current year) and again July 5 (current year), and will have until the last day of January (current year) and July (current year) to claim your prize. Keep your email address current with us so we are able to contact you.

Winners will win a Soothie Wrap or Medium Warming Pad in the color and pattern design of their choice.

Keep checking the "What's Going On Here" Corner as there is always something going on!

Rocky Mountain Soothies . . .

It's Always Fun Here!!!

Rocky Mountain Soothies is Registered in the State of Montana and is a
Member of the Made in Montana Program that is Sponsored By The State of Montana; an annual Participating Business for Small Business Saturday that is Sponsored by American Express and local Chamber of Commerces nation-wide and we are an A+ rated business by the Better Business Bureau.

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