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Why Is It Called a SOOTHIE®?
Because That's EXACTLY What It Does !!!

It SOOTHES away aches, sore muscles, and a variety of discomforts every "BODY" has. If you are looking for something that truly works, just like it says it does, you'll be amazed with what a Soothie® can do for you. It's a high quality product that is made right here in the USA up in far Northwest Montana.

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What Does a Soothie do for You?

Soothies are soft and flexible designed to cuddle your discomforts while providing amazing relief to them, and for you. From the moment you put one on your body, your eyes will roll back and you'll say "Aaahhhh!"


To Relieve Back Pain, Neck Pain, Leg Pain, Muscle Cramps, Osteoporosis, Tension Knots and Stress, Muscle Aches, Sports Injuries, Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, and much more.


To Relieve Headaches, Sinus Pressure, Reduce Swelling from Sprains, Strains, Swollen Feet and Ankles, Pulled Muscles, Tired Eyes, as a Cool Down on Hot Days, and much more.


What sets a Soothie product apart from Grandma's smelly old rice bags of years gone by, and the knock off wanna bees out there now, is that Soothies make their own moist heat and they are perfectly safe to use. You see, to get moist heat from the old rice bag and from other grains like buckwheat and corn, you had to either set a bowl of water in the micro wave or dampen the bag itself to get it to make moistness. After several uses of this process, people were getting headaches and not feeling well but kept using these rice bags. What was happening was that after several uses these bags were producing MOLD and wearing the bag around the shoulders, the moisture being emitted was being breathed in. (Read about this on my "About Us" page). It took me a long time to find something that could make its own moist heat without growing mold and was safe to use on every "body" from small infants to the very elderly while at the same time it had to be non-toxic, and above all, if the family dog or cat get a hold of a Soothie and tear it open and eat the filling, it would not hurt them, or anybody of any age.

Our Wrap can be used flat and smooth on flat places of the body like the electric heating pad, but that's totally where the similarity stops. The Wrap is flexible, scrunchable, counter-balanced so it stay put right where you put it, AND... no electrical cord to tether you to a wall plug. It's 1 pound, 9 ounce weight is perfect to push the warm, moist heat right into where it needs to go. It can go with you to the office, while traveling, to visit family and friends, gatherings, anywhere there is access to a microwave.

The uniqueness of the Wrap is that is that it can go beyond the neck and shoulders because of its shape and design. It can lay on the upper back between the shoulders and stay right there while you move about doing your things. With an electric heating pad, you have to lay down and stay there while putting that dry heat on the upper back area. That takes time out of your day you most likely just don't have. It is also adjustable so you can get it spot on where it needs to be.

Lower back problems can also be treated with the Wrap. Simply scrunch it up and put your pants, jeans, shorts, or sweats on over it letting the waistband hold it in place while you move about the house, drive or ride in the car, or at the office. Athletes, both pro and the week-end warrior ones, can take the Wrap with them to the course or the court, and as soon as they finish their game, heat the Wrap in a microwave there and get it on the lower back area or around the neck and shoulder area, getting the treatment started before you ever get home. Most of the time the sooner you get heat or cold on something, your ahead of the game. Tired muscles love the Soothie. Heat a Wrap before you leave and place it on your thighs while you drive home if the legs are aching. Runners, joggers, walkers, cyclists all need to "warm up" the leg muscles before doing their thing. The Wrap can do that for you with its moist heat. The Soothie Wrap will be your GO TO companion time and again. Keep one in the freezer so it will be cold and ready to go when you need to reduce swelling, headaches, and more.

Now the WARMING PADS do the same thing but they are designed to treat larger areas of soreness, aches, and pain than the Wrap, and have more weight to them so they can do THEIR job. They are flat rectangular shape pads (like the age old heating pad that tries and tries but continually fails to come of age). As the Wrap, the Warming Pads are extremely flexible but they have more weight to them so they can force the warm, moist heat to penetrate deep into the areas of hurt. The Warming Pads are available in Medium, Large, and Jumbo sizes, weighing 1, 2,and 3 pounds. I am currently working on a prototype for an even larger size that will weigh in around 4 or 5 pounds that will cover the entire back area, or the chest/abdomen area. Keep checking the "What's Going On Here" Corner for its introduction later on in the year.

There is also a Small Warming Pad that is primarily used for little places that its big brothers and sisters are too big to take care of or are too heavy. This little fella is only half a pound and can be used for headaches, ear aches, tooth aches, as an eye soother when you freeze it, place it on the top of your hands to relieve arthritis ache, or on your wrists to keep them loose while long hours on the computer. A lot of my customers take the larger Warming Pads to bed and snuggle up with them in the cold sheets. They are quite the cuddler!

And oh by the way, I use only high quality, super soft flannels for the entire Soothie line.

Now here is something very important that you should know: There is a BIG difference between heat produced by a heating pad and the warm, moist heat produced by a Soothie. Heat coming from a heating pad is a very dry heat and it does not penetrate into the ache. Basically all a heating pad is good for is to warm you. A Soothie, however, produces safe, warm, moist heat, and it is that warm, moist heat that penetrates deep into the area of hurt or pain to give you the much needed relief you strive for.

And what's more, as mentioned above, Soothies have no electrical parts and no cord. You are not tethered to only 4 feet of mobility. No cord to get tangled up in a recliner or the bedding. No cord to get wrapped around your neck while sleeping. And you can't burn yourself by falling asleep with a heating pad on high all night. A Soothie shuts itself off after about 25 minutes. It's safe for young children falling asleep with something warm on a cold night, all the way up to our elderly folks.


Bursitis, Carpal Tunnel, Charlie Horse, Eye Surgery, Headaches, Heel Spurs, Joint Replacement, Menstrual Cramps, Migraines, Muscle Strains and Sprains, Neck pain, Neuritis, Osteoporosis, Poor Circulation, Post Surgery Therapy, Pulled Muscles, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sciatica Nerve Pain, Sinus Congestion, (speeds) Healing of Wounds, Tendinitis, Tennis Elbow, Tension, Tension Knots and Stress, Whiplash, Writers' Cramps in the wrists, and Neck and Shoulder Strain From Many Hours Behind the Wheel of a Car or Truck.

While we are not able to give medical claims for elimination of pain, a Soothie provides amazing relief as you will discover.

We are sure there are many more ailments than what is listed here, we just haven't heard about them...Yet! Let us know as others have done so we can add them to our list.

While there are mass produced, copy cats and look-a-likes out there, Soothies® are far and above what you find in box stores, grocery stores and in catalogs. Soothies® are the best Wraps and Warming Pads you will find anywhere. GUARANTEED. They are NOT your "grandma's smelly old rice bags" of long ago. These are designer therapeutic Moist Heat Wraps and Warming Pads, all handmade, one at a time, by me. You get exactly what YOU want; not what you have to take at a box store or in catalogs. You choose the color and the design pattern you want and I make it for you. What a great personalized gift to give everyone on your Christmas List!!! And they won't break your budget!

I have no employees because I want to be absolutely sure the Soothies® you order are made right from start to finish. No cutting corners or skimping on the amount of filling each Soothie® must have. Rocky Mountain Soothies® prides itself on quality, using the softest, top-of-the-line flannels, a non-toxic odorless filling that makes its own moist heat, and every seam is triple stitched. I know once you try a Soothie®, you will never go back to anything you have purchased in the past that claims to be similar. The comparison will blow you away.


Inside every one of my Soothie products, I have enclosed a little Instruction Booklet that tells you all about your Soothie, including the proper heating times for it, and how to take care of it so it will last you for a very long, long time. But also tucked away inside, you will find a little "something extra". If you purchase a similar item somewhere else claiming to be a Soothie, you will know you did not get the ORIGINAL Soothie if you do not find that little "something extra".

Just So You Know:

ROCKY MOUNTAIN SOOTHIE products are NOT in any box store anywhere in the USA, NOT in any print catalogs you may get in the mail, NOT on Amazon, NOT on any Home Shopping Channel, NOT at craft shows around the country. You can only get Rocky Mountain Soothies here on THIS webpage at my my Shop in Kalispell, and in the following retail stores: Sportsmen Ski Haus, Kalispell Medical Equipment, Withey's Health Food Store, Mountain Valley Foods and Health, all in Kalispell. In IDAHO: Tri-State Outfitters in Couer d'Alene, Lewiston, and Moscow. In WASHINGTON: Tri-State Outfitters in Moses Lake. As other retail stores come on board in other States they will list here as well as be announced in the "What's Going On Here" Corner of this webpage. You'll find the "Corner" located on the Design Swatches Page.

So now that you are here on my doorstep, click on the door to come on in to my quaint little shop up in the Mountains. I think you will be glad you did.

While you are looking around the Shop at all the flannel pattern designs and colors Soothies® can be made in, take a moment to read the "About Us" page and find out how the Soothie ® was actually born and evolved. And look for the "What's Going On Here" Corner located on the "Design Swatches" page. Here you'll find all kinds of interesting things from monthly and/or Seasonal Specials going on, Clearance Items, New Flannels that have come in, and other "stuff" and "things", like Rocky Mountain Recipes or Holiday Projects. You will want to check this "Corner" often as it is always changing. We're a fun place to shop!

Come on in! Just "Open"(click) on the door and you'll find yourself in my quaint little shop!

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